i just sent some really cute ass shit to my girlfriend hehe.

Oh, alright. cool. I'm def not local, no. not even Canadian.

Huh, have i been picked at random?

Am I keeping you up? I'm sorry. I'm just restless so I went onto tumblr to find someone to talk to.

Naah im watching mean girls, no worries. Are you local?

Just talk to me on anon. No harm done, right? How's your evening going?

Sheisttyy. Im pretty tired, i haven’t slept much, just laying in bed. And you?

Nonny academy, school for anons.

Who is this tho. Lol. Like, we can talk.

Where do you go to school?

Usask. Where do YOU go to school

I wish I had someone who cared about me the way you care about your girlfriend. Damn, I want someone to believe I'm worth it.

As long as you don’t go looking for them, they’ll come. Life is nuts.

I lost it last time at around 11 days, here we go again.

11. I’m thinking about how fucked up I would be if allegra ever left me. I spend every part of my day thinking about her, and to suddenly lose her because we live so far away would be devastating.  There’s such a chance for someone to get hurt, but wow is she ever worth it.